Paper Pups


Paper Pupsis a book that comes alive. With 20unique dog designs, eachPaper Pupis pre-cut, scored, and perforatedso you can simply punch them out of the page, fold them up with easy-to followinstructions, and they become adorable, iconic 3D objects to love and enjoy.Paper Pupsdeftly combines paper craftwithadvanced paper engineering so no glue, tape, or tools are ever needed.



Bestof all, they don’t need to be walked, fed, or paper-trained…Paper Pupsmake great companions forages 7 to 101 andmay actually be as fun as arealpuppy.

Includesthe bestest friends you’ll soon come to love:
Frankie the table scrap-lovin’ Dachsund
Ginger the star-crossed Pug
Baxter the famous Chihuahua
Baker the Jamaican Komodor
Oliver the upper-crust WelshTerrier
Floyd the twitchy Bearded Collie
And 14 more of their friends!

PaperMadeBooks are easy to understand and assemble-noglue, tape, or tools are EVER needed. They’re a safe, simple,and nostalgicalternative to digital games that are fun for the whole family. PaperMade- Paper craft for the masses.