100 Flying Birds: Photographing the Mechanics of Flight


A must read for anyone who has ever marveled at a bird in flight, on the hunt or soaring in the wind. Peter Cavanagh has married his insight as a kinesiologist and as a pilot, to his exceptional talent as a photographer, bringing the reader astonishing photographs of birds from every corner of the globe.



100 Flying Birds: Photographing the Mechanics of Flight offers a vivid and varied glimpse into the world of birds. A white-tailed eagle plummeting through a Japanese sky, a brown pelican striking a silhouette against an Ecuadorian sunset, an Atlantic puffin carrying its fish dinner above the Scottish coast, or a keel-billed toucan gliding through a Costa Rican jungle canopy; readers will marvel at the splendor of birds in flight while learning the techniques to capture these gravity-defying moments from a world-class nature photographer.

For each picture, author and photographer Peter Cavanagh shares his most evocative thoughts: the challenges of the shoot, the beauty of the location, and the curiosities of the species. Bird people will enjoy the bird photographs and facts, travelers will gobble up the tales of distant parts, and photographers will absorb the technical details.