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Science Says There’s Always Room For Dessert

It’s Thanksgiving and you’ve just stuffed yourself to the brim with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and just about everything else on the table. And then, they bring out the pie. Eh, you still have some room—let’s be honest, there’s always room for pie. Even when your pants’ button is about to pop, your “dessert […]

Wartime Ice Cream: The Secret Weapon To Boosting Morale

It may seem obvious that coffee and tobacco are staples for many serving in the military, but did you know ice cream has been a morale booster since World War I? This comfort food produces a physiological response that makes those who eat the frozen treat subconsciously think about calming memories, such as eating the […]

Wrap awkwardly-shaped Christmas presents like a pro with these genius hacks

It’s officially almost gift-giving season, which means it’s time to face the pile of presents that you need to wrap up. Boxes or rectangular presents are easy enough to work with, but when you’re faced with anything else you’re left Of course, if you want to make it easier, you could just put it in […]

Woman urged to dump boyfriend who’s posing as a single guy on a dating show

A woman has been urged to ditch her boyfriend after he told her he’d be acting as a singleton on a reality TV show. Rika, who says she’s one of the ‘least jealous people she knows’ says she has complete trust in her boyfriend as he prepares to spend eight weeks on a desert island […]

‘I’m a hospice nurse – this is what people often say right before they die’

Looking after a family member who is unwell is always tough, and when the day comes that they pass away, it can be one of the worst times of your life. Some people can’t face being in the same room when a loved one passes away – but one hospice nurses account of what most […]

Fans mock ‘worst name ever’ as iconic sport stadium to be renamed in £520m deal

One of the most iconic sports stadiums in the United States, the Staples Center, will be renamed the Arena after a cryptocurrency company signed a multi-million dollar deal to acquire the arena’s naming rights. A firm based in Singapore will pay approximately £520million for the rights to name the 20,000-seater stadium. The famous stadium […]