Woman urged to dump boyfriend who’s posing as a single guy on a dating show

A woman has been urged to ditch her boyfriend after he told her he’d be acting as a singleton on a reality TV show.

Rika, who says she’s one of the ‘least jealous people she knows’ says she has complete trust in her boyfriend as he prepares to spend eight weeks on a desert island with 15 other ‘singletons.’

Talking on her TikTok account, @riktok_on_tiktok, she told her followers to ‘place their bets’ – “Either we are couple goals or I am a clown. Which do you think it is?”

She said: “Hi my name is Rika, and my boyfriend is away for eight weeks filming a dating reality TV show where he is one of eight ‘single’ guys and there are eight ‘single’ gals stuck on an island together, and they just film whatever happens.

“I am one of the least jealous people I know, and I understand that most of this stuff is totally staged.”

Although Rika trusts her boyfriend, her family and friends are divided, as some are warning her she could get hurt.

“Most of the people that know me, and him, realise how in love we are, and how this is great exposure for his career so they have been more than supportive throughout this process,” said Rika.

“Those that don’t know him, well let’s just say they’ve been less than supportive.”

Since her man isn’t allowed to have his phone while they’re filming and nothing has been aired, she has no idea of knowing what he’s going to be getting up to.

“The show hasn’t aired yet. He doesn’t have his phone throughout filming so I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t think I’m allowed to know what’s going on.

“All I do know is that either I am in a relationship that is extremely unique and a level of trust that is enviable by the gods, or I’m a dumba** whose heart is about to get broken into a million pieces.”

Since being posted just 24 hours ago at the time of writing, the video has been viewed a staggering 2.3 million times and has received thousands of comments from people saying that shouldn’t trust her boyfriend.

One person said: “Mail that man a breakup letter so they air it on the show.”

Another posted a number of red flag emojis, before saying: “She didn’t see us?”

A third commented: “I don’t know what is worse. Being okay with him going on a dating show or being okay with him manipulating a woman potentially looking for love?!”

Someone else put: “I’m rooting for you girlie but someone tag me when they split.”