Logitech’s latest keyboard and mouse are cute, colorful, and ready for TikTok

Logitech has a trio of colorful new peripherals coming to the US this month: a $99.99 Pop Keys keyboard, a $39.99 Pop Mouse, and a $19.99 Desk Mat. In contrast with Logitech’s usual sensibly styled and office-appropriate peripherals, these Studio Series devices are bright and cutesy. They’re each available in three color-coordinate schemes: yellow and black; pink; and purple and yellow options.

If you’ve been eyeing the kinds of colorful, typewriter-styled keyboards that have flooded TikTok in recent months but want a model from a well-known household name, then the Pop Keys could be worth a look. You can read my full impressions of the keyboard in my review or read on for a summary along with my initial impressions of the mouse.

Both the keyboard and mouse have a big focus on emoji. The keyboard has five dedicated emoji buttons to its right and there are four extra emoji keycaps in the box. The idea is that you can swap over the keycaps and reprogram each key to correspond to a specific emoji. Meanwhile the mouse has a programmable button underneath its scroll wheel which, by default, opens the emoji selection window. In both cases, these keys and buttons can be reprogrammed and given non-emoji tasks.

The Pop Keys keyboard is wireless and mechanical. It uses Cherry MX Brown-style switches manufactured by TTC. There’s no USB port to allow it to be used as a wired keyboard.

Aside from their colorful exterior, both peripherals have a more typical set of Logitech specs. Battery life extends up to an impressive three years for the keyboard and two years for the mouse, though neither are rechargeable (they use AAA and AA batteries, respectively). They’re capable of pairing to up to three devices using a combination of Bluetooth and Logitech’s Bolt USB receiver (which comes in the box with the keyboard, but not the mouse).

Meanwhile, the Desk Mat is 30 x 70cm big, meaning it’s designed to sit under both a keyboard and mouse rather than a traditional mouse mat.

I generally liked the Pop Mouse during my time with it. It’s not going to compete with a high-performance gaming mouse, but its cute design doesn’t get in the way of its functionality. Although I generally prefer having extra thumb buttons on my mice, the extra programmable button under its scroll wheel is an acceptable compromise. Its left and right mouse clicks are also much quieter than average, which might be useful in quiet libraries or shared dorms. Finally, it’s also compatible with Logitech’s Flow software, which is designed to let one keyboard and mouse control multiple computers.

The three accessories launched in countries including China and Australia earlier this year and will release in the US later this month. Logitech says they’ll be coming to Europe in the near future with a price that’s yet to be announced.